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Aims of The Program 

  • The practitioner will be able to carry out peripheral intravenous cannulation and blood sample withdrawal in order to meet patient needs. The practitioner must relate theory to practice knowledgeably, skillfully and safely, demonstrating a caring attitude, and achieve competence by international standards. 
  • To start intravenous treatment via IV Cannula 
  • To ensure patients are aware of the procedure being carried out and consent freely 

Staff who can undertake the program 

  • Medical practitioner 
  • Nurses and midwives 
  • Phlebotomists (following training and assessment) 

Program overview 

This is a 4 hour program combines both theory and practice sessions that will provide participants with training and certification in the techniques required to start an IV infusion as well as withdrawal of blood for testing. The IV course provides information on puncturing techniques, management and care of the site (both pre and post insertion), anatomy and physiology, and universal precautions. Vein puncture skills include: site selection and preparation, equipment, order of draw and appropriate care after procedure. 

Course participants will attend laboratory practice to perform a successful insertion. 


Certificates will not be issued to students who fail to successfully complete all competency related practices 

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