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In order for the Doctor trainee to perform laparoscopic surgery, he/she should have the basic knowledge and techniques. Traditionally this basic training was acquired while operating on real patients, however; this carried a risk of improper techniques and complications; therefore, the recent trend has switched to training the trainees on basic skills and techniques before he/she performs surgery on patients. 

Laparoscopy skills are difficult to acquire, and the learning curve is long, therefore laparoscopy simulators have been developed, training on the simulators provide the trainees with the necessary skills needed to operate, however the duration of practice is also important because the skills although appear simple but practicing the hand-eye coordination is not easily acquired, therefore the trainees need not only a training workshop but also enough time spent practicing. 

The basic laparoscopy surgical skills workshop focuses on the primary skills needed to operate on any patient, covering the skills across specialties. However, these are specialized skills needed mostly in surgical and gynecology specialties 


  • The course is an 8-hour workshop, starting from the basics of instruments, abdominal wall entry techniques, hand-eye coordination exercises, needle handling, suturing and finally knot tying techniques. 


  • 8 hours; one full day or two half days. 


    • Introduction to laparoscopic instruments 
    • Abdominal wall entry techniques 
    • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Suture handling 
    • Knot tying techniques 
  • Suturing techniques 


  • Lama training Academy, Jordan University St, Next to Majdi Mall, Gulf building, 1st floor. 

Target audience: 

  • Senior surgery/gynecology residents
  • Specialists and Consultants 
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