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We envision is to be the leaders of medical training in the region by 2023.



Our mission is to advance clinical skills of medical staff by providing top clinical training, without jeopardizing patient safety. Advancing clinical training by the top medical training.



The academy was founded in 2018, the founders envisioned that medical training is an integral part of success in medical practice, there is a wide need for skill development. The fresh graduate of the medical specialties has a wide gap between the academic teaching at the universities and Colleges, and the practical life at work, this gap has to be filled by comparative training without jeopardizing patient safety.



The Academy targets doctors at various stages in their career, providing tailored courses and workshops for medical students, residents and specialists according to their level of training and specialty. The introduction is always by the basic surgical skills workshop, which targets all sectors, and build a standard platform for further specialized skill development. The training takes into account patient safety and patient satisfaction; therefore, it utilizes methods that are very close to actual patients, hence the trainee experience is realistic The Academy has a plan of advancing the level of training, the first stage has been implemented which involves dry and wet lab training at the academy, the two other stages are under planning. These include the virtual reality lab and the animal training lab. The animal lab will provide the trainee with a chance of operating on a live animal, which will provide him with a realistic experience and prepares him for actual live scenarios and surgery, this is the best method for actual skill development in the surgical field. This lab will comply with local and international animal right lows. The virtual training lab provides the trainee with a vivid training experience, where he/she can operate real operations and can expect and deal with live scenario complications, just as they would face while dealing and operating on a live patient.


  Nursing and applied
  medical services:

Nursing is an integral part of patient care, the aspects of training not only include the nursing clinical skills but also the communication skills as well, we will work on developing a wide range of skills related to patient care like phlebotomy, catheterization, wound management, etc. In addition, we will also train nurses in management and decision-making skills such as that in training and communication. Nursing specialized training will require spending long training periods to actually acquire these skills, the academy will provide such staff with the opportunity to have that kind of training that might extend to days, weeks and even months at our partner hospitals, by the end of such training the nurses will have acquired the knowledge and skill that are intended.