Medical Terminology


The course is a 4-hour one day
program combines both theory and practice sessions that will provide participants with training and certification in the techniques required to start an IV infusion as well as withdrawal of blood for testing. The IV course provides information on puncturing techniques, management and care of the site (both pre and post insertion), anatomy and physiology, and universal precautions. Vein puncture skills include site selection and preparation, equipment, order of draw and appropriate care after procedure.


36 hours.

  Target audience:

Doctors and medical students.

  The workshop includes the following:

1. Introducing the synthetic elements of the term in both Greek and Latin languages.
2. Introduction to anatomical and functional systems of the body.
3. Introducing the medical term through English texts supported by pictures and videos.
4. Some medical procedures and laboratory tests related to the human body clarification.
5. Definition of correct pronunciation and spelling of the medical term.
6. Disease reports analysis that include diagnosis, causes, and treatment of the disease.
7. Exercises that measure the trainee’s understanding of the subject.
8. The use of modern interactive methods in teaching the subject