Basic Surgical Skills Workshop


The course is an 8-hour workshop, starting from the basics of theater etiquette, hand gloving and gowning, moving into understanding the basic surgical instruments and their handling, then suture and needle materials, and finally suturing and tying techniques, the suturing is performed initially on dry materials then on real animal tissues to mimic live surgery.


8 hours; one full day or two half days.

  Target audience:

Senior surgery/gynecology residents.
Specialists and Consultants.

  The workshop includes the following:

1. Theater Etiquette                         
2. Surgical Instruments                         
3. Sutures                                                 
4. Knot Tying                         
5. Suturing Techniques                  
6. Lunch Break                                                       
7. Electro-Cautery                       
8. Dray and Wet lap (live tissue)