Breastfeeding Promotion and Support workshop




20 hours, four days

  Target audience:

Doctors and medical students
Legal nurses and students Nursing
Midwives, Nutrition specialists

  The workshop includes the following:

1. The importance of breastfeeding for mothers and children
2. The system of marketing breast milk substitutes
3. Ten steps to successful breastfeeding
4. Competencies of health personnel that provide care for mother
    and child
5. Components of breast milk and its role in disease prevention
6. Stages of forming breast milk
7. Health procedures during childbirth and its effect on the success
    of breastfeeding
8. Physical contact and early initiation of breastfeeding
9. Breastfeeding positions
10. Methods of assessing good attachment to the breast
11. Help mothers to learn how to breastfeed properly
12. Significant signs of successful breastfeeding in the first
      week of birth
13. Pre-hospital exit procedures
14. Breastfeeding children in special cases
15. Pumping breast milk and storing safely
16. Breast problems
17. Breastfeeding challenges
18. Cases with which breast milk substitutes can be given
19. Ideal practices for successful breastfeeding
20. Nursing mother’s diet